laurel blossom editorial

In Memoriam
     Linda Corrente (1953-1999)
     Jason Shinder (1955-2008)
     Starkey Flythe Jr. (1935-2013)
As an editor, Laurel served for several years on the editorial board of Heliotrope: a journal of poetry and has worked occasionally with other writers to shape their poems and poetry manuscripts for publication.

Under the auspices of the Edgefield County Historical Society, Laurel edited the anthology Lovely Village of the Hills: Twentieth Century Edgefield Poetry, published in November, 2007. "Contact Me" for availability.

A lifelong swimmer, Laurel's obsession with the subject extends beyond the ocean and the pool. When not in the water, she likes to read about swimming too! Thinking that other swimmers and writers and readers might feel the same way, she collected poems, essays and stories about swimming into the anthology, Splash! Great Writing About Swimming. Please contact me for availability.

As founder of The Writers Community, the renowned writing residency and workshop program (see The Writers Community), Laurel edited the 20th anniversary anthology Many Lights in Many Windows: Twenty Years of Great Writing from The Writers Community. Contact me for availability.

Along with Susan Sindall, Barbara Elovic, and Victoria Hallerman, Laurel co-edited the journal Heliotrope until the spring of 2014, when the final, double, adorable issue #8 was published. Thank you to all our great contributors! Hail and Farewell.