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Lovely Village of the Hills
Twentieth Century Edgefield Poetry
The inspiration for this anthology came one Sunday afternoon in 2005 when the Reverend William Weaver presented a program before the Old Edgefield District Genealogical Society on the life of his grandfather, Frank Augustus Weaver, a noted minister in twentieth century Edgefield. In the course of this discussion Rev. Weaver quoted a poem that his grandfather had written. After the program, when I asked Rev. Weaver if his grandfather had written additional poems, he said yes. I began asking other people at the reception if they know of other Edgefield poets.

They did

Over the course of the next few months, I discovered that Edgefield has produced a remarkable number of poets over the years. Many of them were published in our local newspapers, some had poems published in national magazines or anthologies, and a number of them published their own books. [Their poems] reflect a range of voices and celebrate the abiding love that Edgefield inspires among its citizens, whether poets or potters, farmers or foresters, natives, newcomers like me, or [welcome] visitors.

--- From the Introduction by Laurel Blossom

Beloved Edgefield, lovely village of the hills,
Looking down upon the valleys and winding, singing rills;
Smiling on the meadows that edge the silver stream,
As delightful and enchanting as a summertime dream.
When the day begins to break and the thrashers flute the dawn,
It is time to wake and welcome the youthful morn;
To watch the day move on agile feet,
And greet Edgefield when she welcomes you - smiling and sweet;
While myriad flowers, whose opulence of color feast the eye,
Will delight and refresh you as you pass by.
Time has caught Edgefield in its flower loving fingers,
And here their wealth of beauty and variety lingers
With the fascination of bags of clinking coin -
Evoking ardent admiration - their regal beauty glowing.
Christianity, patriotism, culture, atmosphere - Ah! priceless asset,
That strangers, even, find it hard to forget.
Old families, old homes, old gardens - rich in romance, in beauty, in history -
The pride and joy and glory of her citizenry.
This charm and attraction that can never be forgot,
Comes with the years - as if simmered down in a melting pot.
Would that the days were longer to enjoy your beauty and your zest,
And that my arms were stronger that I might clasp thee to my breast.
Edgefield, lovely village, a thousand charms are thine,
And I thank and praise God that you are mine.

--- Sarah Rainsford Collett, "Edgefield"

This 80-page 6" by 9" soft bound book is limited to 200 copies. It contains over 40 poems by such well-known Edgefieldians as Hortense Woodson, Bradford "Brady" L. Holmes, James Pope Bean, W.S.G. Heath, Agatha Woodson, Frank Augustus Weaver, Elizabeth Watson, Madge Naomi Hammond, and Lillian Marsh Harmon.

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