Wednesday: New and Selected Poems

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Wednesday: New and Selected Poems
Laurel Blossom's New and Selected Poems, with its generous selection of first-rate new poems and poems carefully culled from three previous volumes, is a gift to anyone who reads and loves poetry.

A deeply moving and skillful book written by a grown up American woman. Read it and weep. Read it and sing.
--- Thomas Lux

Reading Blossom is like participating in a writer's mini-decathlon; the poetic stretch is there.
--- American Book Review

A daring voice out on the edge, held by her skill and courage. Ecstatic!
--- Toi Derricotte

The reader comes in on Laurel Blossom mid-argument: she's wound up, passionate, impatient, but wholly present in these poems--and completely persuasive. I believe her side of it.
--- Carol Muske-Dukes

She can be just as punchy in her poems as any slam performer, and just as lyrical as any romantic.
--- The Ashes Art Review

Reading her poems is like watching a knife-thrower in full fling.
--- Roderick Townley

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